Events in 2010

We hosted eight seminars in 2010 with presenters from the UK, Brazil and Belgium. We also held our second annual seminar “Dialogue with the Brazilian Diaspora”.

26th October 2010

‘Being young, undocumented and Brazilian in Britain: intersecting everyday lives and migratory Projects’ Nando Sigona, COMPAS, Oxford University / City University

16th September 2010

“The industry of Latin Care: Domestic and sexual services among Latin American women migrants in London” Ana Paula Gutierrez-Garza, London School of Economics

8th June 2010

‘Brazilian flavours: what can food show us about Brazilian people living in London ?’ Graça Brightwell, Royal Holloway, Univeristy of London

11th May 2010

‘Brasileiros como Eu’ (Brazilians like me) (86-minute documentary on Brazilians in Belgium), Susana Rossberg

13th April 2010

‘The relevance of the Internet in the transnational practices of Brazilian migrants’ Tania Tonhati, MA in Social Sciences, Sao Carlos University, Brazil

13 April 2010

‘Meanings of work for a Brazilian cleaner in London’ Laila Priscila Graf, MA in Psycology, Santa Catarina University, Brazil

16 March 2010

‘Exploration of Brazil/London Encounter – work in progress’ Ana Paula Figueiredo, Anthropology in Visual Media, University of Manchester

19 January 2010

2nd GEB’s Annual Seminar: “In Dialogue with Brazilians in Diaspora”, Institute for the Study of the Americas , University of London Invited speakers:

Carlos Mellinger, President of Casa do Brasil em Londres

Gabriela Boeing, Communications, IOM (International Organization for Migration)

Daniel Clark, Baptist pastor Cathy McIlwaine, Queen Mary, University of London

José Geraldo, Brazilian Catholic Priest João Neto, a lay member of the Catholic chaplaincy

Cláudio Souza, ABRIR (Associação Brasileira de Iniciativas Educacionais no Reino Unido)

Minister Cícero Garcia , Brazilian General-Consulate in London

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